Angels Club House Empire

We are here to help you live out your dream. From start to finish we will support your dream. We are a one stop shop.. with all the networking hook up.

Angels Club House Empire  Stage 1#

We are always looking for models...

We are always looking for models...

One Stop Shop...  If your looking to get in to modeling from print and run way. If you have the dream to model we can network for you.. We also looking for paid casting call as well. 

looking for models and casting call clients that have a dream. We do a lot of networking with movie directors as well as magazine companies are small franchise clothing that are looking for models to present their clothing lines. A lot of our clients were able to get on small movie films new plays, like movie themes, and music videos. All clients need to have an 8 by 10 black and white photo of themselves and a bio of any movies place or any story did they have to tell about where they're trying to go it helps if clients sit with us so we can consult them to the right way.
The School Tour

The School Tour

The School Tour is designed to open ears and eyes on new talent. Randy the CEO of "Thr School Tour has been going on for over 20 years. Artist can get more exposure by paying to perform at parks,  recreational centers,  colleges, high schools and junior high schools. The School Tour has travel mine miles introducing new and upcoming artists. 

If ypur interested in The School tour, please contact Angel Houston. 

Stuck At A Greenlight Media 

Fa'Ever 2023 Media Famous  Stuck at a Greenlight Media

Fa'Ever 2023 Media Famous Stuck at a Greenlight Media

Give us a call when your ready for an interview. 




My Stroy:

 NahniiA is a multi talented 

Artist/ Brand/ Actress/ Creator

 who’s passion of impact and Truth of one’s self touches everyone with her artistry ..

Giving praises to the Most High

WestCoast Newest Female Singer/Rapper, composer, designer, and so much more … 

Straight out of SouthernCalifornia Raised in Los Angeles With her undeniable sound, gifted also as a song writer, music producer, fashion designer and CEO she is grateful to be an influencer and ambassador of hip hop brand Intellectualvibezandtruehiphop @ivzthh 

NahniiA is a business woman and as a record label “West Chozen Music” with her partner “LaTonya Zblkharte Allen” this dynamic team will continue to push the “NahniiA” Brand to higher heights & continue to built major platforms for artist and others in the entertainment industry …. 

As NahniiA Brand becomes a household name she continues to show us in high vibrations that your dreams will come true… Be sure To Follow Her @NahniiA 

Her Newest single “My Lone”By NahniiA 

Streaming on all platforms.. 

Keep In touch 

Manager/Creative Director 

LaTonya “Zblkharte” Allen 

@zblkharte (818)279-1624 

It’s NahniiA y’all ! 

Follow NahniiA @nahnii.a


True HipHop

True HipHop

Please check out "For The Love of Music" Radio Show Podcast every Friday night at 6pm. Tell us who you want to hear. 

Malaik'a Houston